Saturday, 23 April 2016

Signs Of Summer?

On the 20th April the first Swallow of the year was spotted flying over the river and was soon followed by the call of a Cuckoo the first one to be heard at Cotehele Quay for a couple of years.

Shamrock's wire main mast shrouds have now received a coating of Shaune's mixture of roofing bitumen and linseed oil, only the forestay left to do. Both masts have been dressed, rigging blocks reeved, the bowsprit fitted along with the main and mizzen booms and gaffs. The one item that did cause a bit of a delay was working out how to reeve the mainsheet. Once the sails are bent on and the anchor and its chain stowed, Shamrock will look how she normally appears in many a summer visitor’s photo.

Somebody has to go up!
Reeved mainsheet.
Main boom and gaff.
Mizzen boom and gaff.

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