Saturday, 31 May 2014

Ropes and Pullies

Various activities are being planned for the Shamrock's 40 years at Cotehele celebration which is due to take place on Saturday 26th July 2014. One of the activities is to demonstrate the use of ropes and pulleys to gain mechanical advantage when lifting a load - an adult for our demonstration. The lifting pulley being attached to the apex of an 'A' frame. After scouring the boat shed to find all the various pieces the 'A' frame was assembled and rigged on the quay ready for a test run. The frame being held just off the perpendicular by a handy-billy and kept in check with a guy rope. Shamrock's mizzen sheet then provided the pulley system for the lift and a bosun's chair for holding the load, Joe arriving just in time to provide the test load.

Joe hanging around.


A system of rope and blocks usually made up of one single and one double block, it can be set up with two double blocks. Whether you have hook or tail on each end is a matter of preference. Having one set up ready to go means it will save time in any emergency situation.

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