Friday, 23 May 2014

That Rumour

The rumour that Nancy Belle is having a new engine has turned out to be true with the arrival of a 20hp Yanmar marine diesel engine on Monday. With a planned river trip on Tuesday the beaching and subsequent hauling out of her had to be delayed until the afternoon tide on Wednesday. Once on the boat shed slipway a start was made on preparing for the removal of her existing Sabb engine with the stripping out of the engine box, combined control panel battery box and electrical wiring also the disconnecting of the cooling water and exhaust pipes. On Thursday all the securing bolts and straps were removed, the shaft uncoupled and finally the old engine lifted out.

New engine waiting to be fitted.
Old engine.
Now it's gone.

Better Visitor Experience 

The removal of Shamrock's canvas hatch cover for the summer months has resulted in a lot more light in the hold giving visitors a better appreciation of its size and construction with the bonus of being able to see and avoid the low beams. 

First Get Knotted Course

After Wednesday's successful trial Get Knotted Course more are being planned for the summer months and these will be open to all, for a small fee towards Shamrock's maintenance fund. To expand on this an "A" frame and pulleys activities for families is also being prepared or should it be revived as Peter used to run these for school children.  

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