Thursday, 1 May 2014

Dummy Rescued From Shamrock

On Monday the local fire brigade undertook a training exercise on-board Shamrock. This was a bit short notice but was kinda exciting if you like water pumps and water jets! Basically a dummy (no not Shaune) was hidden on-board Shamrock and the fire crew had to find it. They were going to have a smoke (dry ice) machine to add to the atmosphere but unfortunately it wasn’t available to them. The two rescuers were in full air breathing apparatus and so were quite restricted. The dummy was placed in the forward locker and Shaune (being Shaune) made sure they had to use the after hatch get below deck. They took a little while to locate and extract the dummy but not too long. So lots of water, spray and noise. The whole exercise took about 20-30 minutes.

Just playing.
Ready for the rescue.
In the recovery position.
Off to be rescued another day.
Thanks to John Hartland for the photos.

Shamrock Trip Cancelled

Shamrock's 2nd to 5th May planned river trip to Royal William Yard has been had to be cancelled. 

Nancy Belle

Nancy Belle is now back in the water, being checked for leaks and generally made ready for the first of her river trips. 

Full list of Nancy Belle river trip dates.
  • Tues 6 May; 10-12.30
  • Tues 20 May; 10-12.30
  • Thurs 5 June; 10-12.30        
  • Wed 18 June; 9.30-12.00
  • Thurs 19 June; 10.30-1.00      
  • Fri 4 July; 9.45-12.15
  • Thurs 17 July; 9.30-12.00
  • Fri 18 July; 10-12.30
  • Mon 4 Aug; 10.30-1.00
  • Mon 18 Aug; 11-1.30
  • Tues 19 Aug; 11.30-2.00
  • Tues 2 Sept; 10-12.30
  • Wed 3 Sept; 11-1.30

To book please ring 01579 351346. 

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