Friday, 3 July 2015

Back Home

After a weekend of two halves, Saturday dry and sunny, Sunday a bit damp Shamrock has now returned to Cotehele Quay and is safely back in her dock. The weekend witnessed some different uses of Shamrock's deck, first the musical section of "Wreckers Border Morris" using her as a bandstand while the rest of the Morris danced on the pontoon. Next came “Western Approach” a close harmony group who used her as a stage for several of their renditions and finally she was used as a viewing platform for the start of the afternoons dingy race.

In keeping with the one wet and one dry theme the journey back to Cotehele was made in glorious sunshine as opposed to the wet trip to Saltash. The combination of Nancy Belle pushing, a good tail wind and going with the tide resulted in a record braking trip of one and a half hours meaning she arrived back earlier than expected and had to go alongside crane quay as there was insufficient water for her to go straight into the dock. The waiting did allow the crew time to grab a quick cup of tea before finally roping Shamrock back into her dock. One thing this trip has proved is that Nancy Belle, with her new engine and propeller, is quite capable of pushing Shamrock if the conditions are right.  

Wreckers Border Morris
Western Approach
Getting a push

River wildlife

Alongside crane quay

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