Thursday, 23 July 2015

Temporary Crew

Shamrock has had a temporary crew member when Henry a pupil from Callington Community Collage spent his work experience week working both on Shamrock and in the boat shed. Henry impressed the crew as he completed every job he was asked to do well and with enthusiasm. The jobs tackled ranged from reeving the mizzen throat halyard blocks, (interesting), to scraping the old bitumen paint from the edge of the combined covering board and waterway*, (not so interesting). He also had an unusual method of transport as one day he appeared on an off road unicycle and ended up doing the odd demonstration ride around the quay. The only job that he did not tackle was making the crews tea! (A very specialised job in the Boat shed)

* Combined covering and waterway is the outermost strake of shaped deck planks. Shamrock's are made from 2in (50mm) elm.

His transport.

Shamrock news

With Shamrock back on her river mooring, in preparation this weekend’s trip to Plymouth, the river is starting to look a little crowded.

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